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Worklog #5 - Extra

2017-05-22 20:25:00 by nororolf

We are currently working at Linda 2.0 This is not final but near to what we want to have. It's a big image. to see all the details right-click on the image and select "view image" (firefox)


Worklog #5

2017-05-18 11:47:55 by nororolf


Sry for the long silence. We were thinking about how to proceed. There is much work to do, many things we want to implement and many things we want to improve.
We decided to focus on the quality of the pictures of the girls till the next update. So we have decided to use a new character creation software. At the moment we are testing everything. In combination with the high detailed hair it's a technical challange to keep everything running. But we are totally sure it's worth it.

The hair is not final on this picture. We will post new pictures of the testing in the next days.


Thank you!


Characters made with ManuelBastioniLab


We are proud to tell you that the first alpha is now public.

Here is the changelog:
- All three girls fuckable
- All three girls spyable
- Farming system
- Cooking system
- New gift system
- Bigger Forest
- New Textbox
- Quests
- New items
- Alternative spy training (Puzzle optionally)

Worklog #4

2017-05-03 11:52:14 by nororolf


The fucking scenes for all 3 girls are finished now. We need to integrate them in the game now and revise the story and the quests. The first alpha is ready very soon!

Worklog #3

2017-04-26 19:19:12 by nororolf


Spying on Linda and Emma will be possible in the new update. Now we want to make the fucking scenes for the 3 girls and then we will release the first alpha pretty soon.

Worklog #2

2017-04-23 21:55:49 by nororolf

We have concentrated on debugging the last few days. But now there's a new feature intgrated. Farming is now possible. Till now there are only three types of seeds.  You can get them in the next update by exchanging fruits with emily.


Worklog #1

2017-04-15 01:09:42 by nororolf

First of all, thank you for following us!

Here's the first worklog.

- New gift system:  Gifts are now selected by a slot machine. You can reroll each slot to increase the chance for the item you wish to give.

- New dialog system: It looks better now and it's easier to handle for us.

- Alternative spy training: You can now choose between easy (+1 spy, no minigame) or hard (+4 spy, slider puzzle)